Take Better Meeting Notes with Evernote


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One of the things I love the most to do with Evernote is taking meeting notes. They’re easy to store, share and find in the future whenever I need them. As an Evernote Entrepreneurship Ambassador, I’ve been trying a few different ways to take notes and here are my favorite ways:


Jot Script Stylus Evernote Edition.

As it was announced at the Evernote Conference last September, Adonit partnered with Evernote and created the Jot Script Stylus Evernote Edition. It’s the best stylus I’ve seen for the iPad so far. It has special features with Evernote Penultimate, such as allowing you to be able to use your iPad as if it was a notepad to take those meeting notes and more.

The PixelPoint precision of the stylus makes it very different than every other iPad stylus in the market. Its point is 1.9mm, while the standard has been 6.0mm as of today. So when you write on your iPad, it feels like you’re using a pen, not a crayon.


Unfortunately, if you have something older than the iPad 3, you won’t be able to connect the stylus via Bluetooth. It means that the experience wouldn’t be as awesome as it’s supposed to be. You can find the Jot Script Evernote Edition on the Evernote Market.


Moleskine Smart Evernote Notebook or Journal.

Moleskine has a great line of products powered by Evernote. And when you want to store your notes on Evernote, the Page Camera feature on the Evernote app for iOS and Android is designed to deliver great shots of your meeting notes on your Moleskine pages.


You can find the Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebooks and Journals on the Evernote Market.


Livescribe Smart Pen 3.

If you love gadgets, but can’t leave the paper behind, you should definitely try the new Livescribe Smart Pen 3. It helps you take notes in a physical notebook and records everything you say. When you transcribe your notes, it converts your handwriting into text and you can access your audio recordings as well.

If you want more information on the Livescribe Smart Pen, you can visit their website.


Directly with Evernote.

If you prefer, you can directly take notes from the Evernote app with your laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can actually set a reminder to the note so it will pop up in your screen when you’re at the meeting. With a reminder set, you don’t even have to look for the note.

Here’s a bonus! Download an Evernote Meeting Note Template you can use for taking meeting notes with Evernote: