You Must Nail Your One-Line Startup Pitch


Image provided by ShutterStock

“So tell me about your startup, what exactly do you do?”

That’s the famous request we used to love at the beginning, until we became tired of pitching our company over and over again. We end up forgetting how important it is for the other person to really understand what you do.

Sure, they might mention a “competitor” that has absolutely nothing to do with your company or a few other remarks that label them as “startup outsiders” (not clear). And don’t get me started when they’re relatives. But, you never know, so you better nail your startup pitch all the time.

Think about it. You’re building a pretty lazy first impression of your company to that person. It’s not fair to them nor to you. Just put into perspective: why would they care about your company if you don’t seem to care yourself?

What you can do is a little bit of real-life A/B testing. Make it exciting for you as well. You can experiment a little bit with your pitch, and see what gets better reactions. You can actually achieve building the ultimate one-line startup pitch.

If you think whoever is listening to you can’t add any value to your company (which I highly disagree), that person at least would be the perfect canvas to practice with new twists and modifications in your pitch.

Make the effort even if you don’t have that much energy. The good vibe and excitement of the listener if you did a good job will feed you.